Fat Pig


January 15th – 31st, Thu, Fri and Sat @ 7:30 pm

Actor’s Benefit, ONE NIGHT ONLY: Sun Jan 25th

The Blue Room Theatre brings Neil Labute’s play to Chico this January, directed by Erin Taribini.  The amazing cast of Amy Brown, Chris Briggs, Sean Constantine and Cat Campbell will make you laugh, think and squirm.

Cow.Slob.Pig. How many insults can you hear before you have to stand up and defend the woman you love? Tom faces just that question when he falls for Helen, a bright, funny, sexy young woman who happens to be plus-sized – and then some. Forced to explain his new relationship to his shallow (although shockingly funny) friends, he finally comes to terms with his own preconceptions of the importance of conventional good looks. Neil LaBute’s sharply drawn play not only critiques our slavish adherence to Hollywood ideals of beauty but also boldly questions our own ability to change what we dislike about ourselves.



Merry Standish and the Wild Oakies

Aaron Standish and Liz Merry have new comedy for the new year. Stand-up, fake news, songs, sketches and other comedy so new it hasn’t been written yet. The first Chico show of 2015 will be at The Blue Room on Friday, February 6th.

With special guest Roland Allen. 

Featuring The Wild Oakies sketch troupe from Red Bluff (Doug Kelly, Sarah Anker, Haley Pratt, and Weston McCoy) performing an updated version of KKOW Radio, some other Merry Standish bits, and only they know what other weirdness..

A primetime show at the Blue Room with lots of space for the Wild Oakies to chew up the stage, Roman mob seating for you to sit in a comfortable position of judgement, and cold, cold beer.