Blue Room Youth and Mainstage actors present the Kipling classic

The Jungle Book.

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Blue Moon & Poe

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Please DONATE. Suggested ticket price $5

Jerry Miller, Samantha Shaner, Joe Hilsee, Julia Rauter, Roger Montalbano, Jake Sprecher, Amber Miller, Alex Hilsee, Wade Gess, Steve Swim, The Normal Street House and Daniel Penner Cline.

Covid 19 Update. 

Due to COVID-19, the Blue Room Theatre had to release the downtown space that we have called home for 26 years.

These decisions are deeply emotional. Facing an unknown future for productions is disconcerting, and departing the space where so many have performed, volunteered, worked, and attended shows is painful. But in the end, it is not the space that defines us and we are confident that we will perform again.

As a company, the Blue Room Theatre remains dedicated to the ideals that brought us together in the first place: enhancing the artistic culture of Chico and Northern California and exploring the strengths and frailties of the human condition.

Please follow us on Facebook and if you haven’t already, sign up with Patreon to follow our creative direction digitally for the time being. Your Patreon subscription of even just $5 a month will help keep the company alive until we can safely perform in person once again.

COVID-19 has changed so many things; this is a continuation of the changes that we must find a way to embrace. The Blue Room is committed to Chico and the surrounding communities and with your help and support, we will emerge strong and ready for the next phase of our future.

Thank you,

Blue Room Board of Directors

The Blue Room Theatre stands by Black Lives Matter and our local and national black community. In theatre we are taught both to speak and to listen. The important part right now is to listen. And then make changes both personally and organizationally.

Though our physical theatre is currently closed due to COVID-19, we have platforms on Zoom, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. We offer our services and platforms to those who wish to raise their voices against systemic racism and systematic violence against black lives and communities of color.

The theatre will commit as a venue and a resource to all in our community and an ally and advocate for our black community. We also pledge more inclusion in operation and artistic choices of the Blue Room.

We, like the rest of our nation, need to do more. Our doors may be temporarily closed, but the heart of our organization is always open. We have the means right now to help our black community reach out so that Chico, and the surrounding areas, can do what is essential in theatre — and the most essential thing our white community can do now – listen.

Please email our Board President, Martin Chavira, at to discuss how our resources can be of service.