Midsummer Mischief

OLLI Summer Play Festival

June 23-25 – 7:30pm & June 26 – 2pm

What could be more fun than light-hearted mischief during the warm, laid-back days of mid-summer? “Midsummer Mischief” consists of eight short original comedies (10 to 20 minutes each) about the timeless issues of dating, romance, marriage, divorce, job complications, relationships, misunderstandings, and the fulfillment and screw-ups of hopes, longings, and dreams—all with a comic twist. No matter what your age, you may recognize a part of yourself or your experiences in some of these characters and their situations. And it may remind you that much of life really is a comedy.

SATURDAY SEX, written by Pamela Loyd

Jumping out a twenty-story window isn’t Roger’s preferred way to spend his Saturday.

RETIRED, RECYCLED, RENEWED, written by Joan Goodreau

What do you keep and what do you throw away when you clean your old closet and your life?

YOU’RE FIRED, written by Tom Evans

Quitting a job isn’t so easy when you get fired.

DOUBLE DATE, written by Pamela Loyd

How many ways can a good man make a bad impression on a first date?

THE HANGING JUDGE, written by Bill Douglas

Divorce—Texas Style

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIRIAM, written by Lois Ann Morrison

Yes, Miriam, you can have a happy birthday . . . with a little help from a surprise visitor.

THE LOVE BOAT ISLAND PACKAGE, written by Joan Goodreau

Be careful what you sign up for on those vacation cruises.

THAT’S NOT THE PROBLEM, written by Pamela Loyd

Dave and Helen have a problem, but it takes awhile for their marriage counselor to figure out

what that is.