Pawns of Comedy






The members of the Pawns of Comedy are currently working all the

comedy stops in Northern and Central California. Individually, climbing the

comedy ladder—together, just looking for a good time.

Bay Area ‘Pawns Of Comedy’ are bringing their 90-minute outrageous

comedy show to The Blue Room Theatre, 139 West 1st

admission is $7 and the show is for mature audiences, 16 years of age and

older, only.

“This is a special tour,” says Pawns of Comedy leader, DNA. “I will be

celebrating my 52nd

the Bay Area joining me.” Also, different local Chico comics will be opening

each show. “This is my 6th

Past Pawns now write for TV (Emily Heller), are becoming a huge hit in the

UK (Will Franken) and are killing it on nationally broadcast commercials

(Butch Escobar). This group I have assembled are all unique, hilarious and

on their way . . . “

Tickets are only $7 general admission on the night of the shows at 8 and


Performing in the Pawns of Comedy will be Chico anti-hero, DNA, along

with Bay area comedy stars Ben Del Castillo, Chad Opitz and Brendan

Lynch. From auditioning for NBC’s Last Comic Standing, to touring the

country doing stand-up comedy to opening for “big name” comics, the

Pawns of Comedy are the real deal. Genuine stand-up comics on the front

lines of the comedy war, making the world a better place one laugh at a

time. The Pawns agree that by making people laugh, they are saving lives!



birthday and so I have three of my favorite comics in

year of bringing The Pawns of Comedy to Chico.


DNA won the 1990 Showtime College Comedy Laff-Off in Chico, CA at Chico

State University and then proceeded to waste the next 19 years in Chico,

starting concert series and festivals, booking over 2000 bands, writing one

of the first country/rap songs ever, publishing a novel, running for Mayor

and saving the Senator Theatre. From his adventures as Timothy Leary’s

driver, to being the opening act for Ralph Nader, to serving as editor of

three Republican newspapers, DNA is on the fast track to national attention

(as a general nuisance).

A writer, director and actor, DNA has moved to the Bay Area to pursue

a career doing standup comedy. He books and performs a weekly

room for the last six years, as well as, the successful Comikaze Comedy

event featuring the best comics in the Bay Area and beyond. DNA sits

on the BOD of Comedy Day in Golden Gate Park, runs the website and is launching his first comedy festival in

October. As leader of the Pawns of Comedy, DNA has been reported as

saying, “No, you will not be getting paid.”

Ben DelCastillo (

From his successful monthly shows at The San Jose Improv, Ben Del Castillo

is a new breed of South Bay comics: suave, snarky, and funny as hell.

Always a favorite at dozens of rooms in the Bay Area, Del Castillo is the kind

of comics the ladies like and the guys don’t hate.

Brendan Lynch

A native of Santa Cruz, the tall laconic Lynch has been doggedly pursuing

the stage for several years and has been rewarded by being regularly

invited to perform at the prestigious Punchline and Improv comedy clubs.

It is not an oversight that Lynch’s unique, hilarious brand of comedy is not

available on the internet. He needs to be seen live to witness the electricity

between his comedic mind and the audience. Brendan is one of the hottest

comics in the Bay Area. His dry delivery and brilliant audience work is “in

demand” and Brendan regularly is asked to perform at clubs throughout

the Bay Area. Recently performing with such talent as Dana Gould and

Richard Lewis, Lynch is poised to go national. Recently winning 2nd

the SF International Comedy Competition, Lynch is on the move.

Chad Opitz (

SF Bay Area comedy legend Jimmy Gunn bestowed Chad Opitz with the

2013 “Best Newcomer” Award. This is a fitting tribute to the young comic

whose sharp takes on horror movies, GMOs, electronic cigarettes and

cheap beer has made Opitz a sought after performer by venue bookers and

fans alike. Hailing from the great Northwest, Opitz is now becoming a Bay

Area staple.

For press passes, interviews with Chad, Ben or DNA or any other

information please contact DNA at 530-592-5250 or email him at


You are WANTED. Fresh Ink 2014.

Playwrights are sexy.  Actors worship them.  Critics dazzle at their brilliance.  Everyone else wants to be a playwright.

This June, the Blue Room theatre will give four lucky playwrights their moment in the sun.  The Fresh Ink Festival  is a local tradition that gives writers the chance to strut their stuff.  Writers will be given guidelines to create an original 15 – 20 page play.

Last year’s writers were asked to create a ghost story that took place in Chico that had a full minute of silence in it.  This year’s guidelines will be given to the writers in mid-May.

For now we at the Blue Room want you potential playwrights to keep this important date in mind:  APRIL 23rd.  That is when the Blue Room will post entry guidelines for all potential writers.  Your job will be to take those guidelines and craft 2 – 3 pages of dialogue.

Now here’s another important date:  APRIL 30TH at midnight.  That is the deadline for you to send in your submission to  Then the Blue Room’s Artistic Committee will gather and chose their four favorite submissions.  The writers of those submissions will represent the Blue Room in Fresh Ink 2014.

And on MAY 7thth the lucky playwrights will be announced.  Auditions for Fresh Ink will be May 10th and 11th.  On May 12th the playwrights will be given their guidelines.  They will then have two weeks to write a 10 – 20 minute piece of theatre.  On May 26th the scripts will once again be delivered to and be given to the directors and actors soon afterward.

Fresh Ink 2014 will take place June 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, and 21.  Let the party begin.