Lord of the Flies

October  11-20

Thurs – Sat at 7:30

Saturday Matinee October 20 2pm

Welcome to our first main stage show of the Season.

2 weeks only!
Directed by Martin Chavira and Erika Soerensen

In 1953 the Cold War was at its peak and nuclear attack appeared imminent. The parents of several of England’s elite all-girl’s academies decided to have their daughters flown to safety to an unrevealed destination.

Their plane crashed. A dozen of the girls survived the crash. None of the adults did.

The girls found themselves on an island paradise and were given the opportunity to create an ideal society. But it all became a living hell.

This is their story.

OCTOBER 26 and 27 @7:30 $ 10:30pm

Halloween Weekend is not complete without …
Top Cat Productions is back for some Halloween feisty festivities.
Have a divine night and enjoy the adornments of these delightful deities.
4 Shows – 2 Nights Only!!
****Important Notice! This is a Blue Room Theatre Co-Production with Top Cat Productions. Pay-what-you-can Thursday, VIP Tickets and Guild Memberships are not applicable to co-productions, special events, late night, youth shows.
We look forward to honoring the above at our next main stage show. Thank You.