The Walworth Farce

November 1-17 @ 7:30pm

Dinny and his two sons have left Ireland. What will they make of London? What will London make of them? Trapped in a tiny flat, endlessly rehearsing their past, they embark on a chaotic, roller-coaster ride through hilarity and terror. Disguised as an old-fashioned high farce, complete with rapid costume changes, cross-dressing, and mistaken identity, The Walworth Farce careens from hilarious moments to shocking realism, a contrast in frenetic, madcap slapstick and the deeper, darker concerns that are revealed when an outsider enters the realm.

The Walworth Farce features Joe Hilsee, Brandon Buchard, Dominic LaFranz and Zaria Turner and is directed by Alex Hilsee.