Fresh Ink Festival 2019

Feb 13 – Feb 17


7:30 pm & 2pm on Sunday


The eighteenth annual installment of the Blue Room’s own celebration of theatrical creativity! Four writers are given one week to write a fifteen minute play which must include a specific list of items and occurrences. Four crews each get two weeks to bring the creation to life – while the ink is still fresh!

This year’s installment will take place in the fictional serial program, The Hand of Fate! Each play will chronicle the coming together (or rending apart) of a young romantic couple. The writers were told to create two different endings for their plays – and the audience will vote on which ending to see.


Feb 23 @ 7:30pm

Feb 24 @ 2pm

The North State Writers are an affiliated branch of the California Writers Club, and their mission is to provide information and support to local authors at every stage of their careers. LiveWord was conceived as a unique hybrid of book reading and theatrical performance, in which twelve works will be read aloud by a ensemble of professional actors. Dark fairy tales, heartfelt poems, stories of loss and redemption; whatever you seek, you’ll find it here, where the word and the voice come together.
Tickets are $10.