The Young Company is dedicated to helping young performers achieve new levels of artistry through performance, practice, and enthusiasm for the craft. We at the Young Company are committed to helping young performers grow as artists and prepare for a life in the professional theatre through practical experience on the stage, and through technical guidance in a supportive learning environment, where they gain confidence, improve skills, and increase knowledge.


We still have openings for all upcoming weeks of Summer Camp! Please email to register.

Summer Youth Theatre Programs

Join Dr. Dolittle Jr.’s incredible ensemble cast!

Love to sing, dance and wear awesome costumes? We looking for actor’s ages 6-16 to join our talented ensemble cast.  Ensemble actors will play multiple non-speaking roles.  No acting experience or audition required. This is a wonderful opportunity to perform at Laxson Auditorium and create lasting memories!

Why Ensemble is Awesome…

A great acting challenge!
Ensemble actors create their character from scratch… it’s up to the actor to play that character throughout the whole show!

Multiple characters!!! Multiple Costumes!!! 
If an ensemble actor is cast as “Villager/Islander/Animal/Fish” they’ve got four characters to play!  The actor finishes one part, runs off stage, changes       costumes, and comes back on stage as a completely different character! How fun is that?!

Be part of an Incredible team.
An ensemble actor works with a great team, building something large. Choreography that would be bland if just one person did it is fantastic when there’s 15!  Ensemble actors can help each other with choreography and harmonies,hang out together backstage (if there’s time between costume changes!), bond with other cast members and become great friends.

Gain Experience!!!

Rehearsals will begin June 21 and take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. There will be no rehearsal the week of the Fourth of July. The cast will give three performances at Laxson Auditorium at California State University, Chico, on Sept. 22. Tuition for this program is $300.

For more information, email Amber Miller at or call (530) 895- 3749.

Summer Camp

The Blue Room Young Company has an exciting theatre camp lined up this year: Kids ranging in ages from 6 to 16 are invited to sign up. The classes will be
offered for five weeks, from July 11 through Aug. 12, Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Kids can sign up for weekly sessions or all five weeks. Camps take place at the Blue Room Theatre, and will include visits to the Children’s Park just across the street. The camp will include Acting Workshop & Scenic Art. All campers will get to participate in each workshop.

ACTING WORKSHOP: Since it takes a lot to get a play from conception on to the stage, this part of the camp will focus on acting and different divisions of theatre that come together to make an excellent performance. Topics include how to work on a character, different acting methods, improvisation, movement, singing, dancing, music on stage and theatre history. Guest speakers will talk about the other departments of theatre, such as the house manager, set builder, costumers, make-up and lighting designers. This workshop is an opportunity for children to learn more about theatre than just memorizing lines and putting on a costume.

SCENIC ART: For the Scenic Art Workshop, participants should prepare to get their hands and clothes grubby! Students will assist in painting and making scenic decisions for Blue Room Theatre’s September production of Doctor Doolittle, Jr., held at Laxson Auditorium. Students will learn scenic art and painting techniques, basic color theory, sketching techniques, creative problem solving, preparation and tool care. Campers will learn through exploration and execution how to take a theatrical set design and bring it to life with paint, fabric and set dressing.

Weekly sessions cost $150, or you can sign up for all five weeks for the special price of $595 (a $750 value).

Week 1: July 11-15 |Week 2: July 18-22 | Week 3: July 25-29 | Week 4: Aug, 1-5| |Week 5: Aug. 8-12 |

Summer Specials!

Sign up for the ensemble cast of Dr. Dolittle Jr. & 5 weeks of summer camp for only $ 795. A value of 1050!! *** non-speaking roles only

Sign up for 1+ weeks of summer camp and pay only $250 for Dr. Dolittle ensemble cast tuition. ***non-speaking roles only